Laemmle Opening Los Angeles, August 5th, 2005 @ Laemmle Fairfax
On DVD in USA September 13th, 2005
Opening Woodstock, NY June 17th, 2005
In US Theaters - June 3rd, 2005: NYC (Angelika Film Center), Milwaukee (Oriental), Minneapolis (Lagoon)
indieWIRE Tartan will bring Milwaukee to the US UK DVD Released (PAL, REGION 2) Milwaukee Released in UK Decmber 3rd, 2004
Tartan Films takes Milwaukee for UK
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indieWIRE "indieWIRE's Top 20 Undistributed Films of 2003"
From Festivals:
Variety "It's a fantastic-looking picture"...Variety - March 10, 2003, by Scott Foundas
indieWIRE "Whale Rider" and "Milwaukee, Minnesota" Among Top Winners at 29th Seattle Festival by Eugene Hernandez "Attn DISTRIBUTOR: Pick this movie up and take it to the masses." - January 25, by Carina Hoskisson
Jig Saw Lounge "..admirably lustrously and slick cinematography departs from the norm." UK review.
Shadows "..the film has a dark and very warm look to it that draws us in instantly." UK review
ViewLondon "Quirky, small-town thriller with a good script and interesting characters, to say nothing of a magnificently sleazy performance by Randy Quaid."- Matthew Turner
Silhouett Cannes 2003: Milwaukee Minnesota crew equipped with Silhouette glasses!
Galienni Milwaukee Minnesota subject of Painting (in French)
Liberation Synopsis & Review (in French)
Le Mond Synopsis & Review (in French)
Filmfestival Gent Review (Foreign)
Cinemainvisible Review (Italian)
From Production:
OnMilwaukee "Milwaukee, Minnesota" is a wrap, by OMC Staff Writers.